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I have come down with terminal cancer and have only months to live. Book mark this site because I will be selling all inventory at discounts in the near future. I am running some sales so ck with me to make sure I have what you want. I am Trying to run my inventory down. The factory has agreed if there is warranty work send it to them and they will fix it for free. see address at the bottom of this page. they give a 2 yr warranty

There is now a big sale on the 9" quad system. Now until supplies run out, the 9" quad is the same price as the 7"quad.

Now the 10 inch quad is also on sale. Normal price is $510 now it is for a limited time you can pick it up for just $475




Why should you consider buying from me?

1. You can actually call me up and talk to me.

2. I have worked as an installer of this equipment.

3. I cover the warranty not the factory.

4. I was born and raised on a farm (ND).

5. Good reputation. Just go to the talk form (New Ag talk) and do a word search for ( Video systems by Jim ).

6. Reasonable prices. Yes you can buy less expensive and more expensive. But you can call me with questions and get answers. Even if you decide you want to buy elsewhere I can still answer your questions.

If you need to contact me Monday-Saturday 8-5 AM CST

Call or Text me @


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If you are looking for someone to install your horse trailer system that you purchased from me I do have some contact information in some areas of the country. Oregon-Washington, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Dakota and Illinois. Just ask me for the contact number. If you are a certified installer contact me and I can add you to my contact list.

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People often ask me what brand of a camera system do I sell. That is hard to answer in a way. It is a camera system that is built for me in China by a factory that has my specifications. The factory is instructed by me to install Sony components when available. They import these from Japan. I then tell them what kind of night vision I need, how many LED lights to install, mirror image switch on the wired camera and ETC. I also tell them what accessories I need with each system. Such as cigarette lighter adapter, hard wire set up and ETC. They will shut down one of their lines and retool for my order. When I receive my order I will then modify it again for the agriculture industry or for trailer hauling. Not trying to reinvent the wheel, my systems are interchangeable with cab cam and can work with most new equipment on tractors and combines and other equipment with the proper adapter cables IE: Trimble, John Deere 2630 and so forth. So the answer is they are Video Systems by Jim's brand. Hope that answers most of the questions. Jim

I sell high quality mid range cost ag camera systems for grain carts, Agriculture use, horse trailer systems, semi truck and RV backup cameras. Just scroll up to view the links to the systems.

Need to look behind your equipment, inside the tanks, Semi Truck cameras, watch your horse in the trailer or behind your RV when you are going down the road? You have a need I have a system. Give me a call and we can get the system best suited for your needs. Warranty lasts a full year!!

Want to watch that grain leg? Set it up to watch your bins being filled? Have a semi truck and need to watch when loading or dumping. Need to see inside tanks? Here is the answer. Looking for that system for your grain cart helping to load the cart or the truck?

If you are into hauling horses or cattle I have a system that will suit you. Wireless or wired both will work. I also do a lot of work in the RV field. Just page through the systems to find one right for you.

I have been selling ag-cameras, horse trailer and RV systems for going on 14 years now. I was once in the installation part of this business, now retired. I have sold over 4200 of these systems since 2002. Please read all the information on the system you are interested in. Give me a call or email me. I do not have a store front or salesman working for me. This alone keeps the cost down. I normally have all inventory on hand, I do not drop ship. I warrant the product not the manufacturer. You deal with me, I deal with the factory.

Three ways to purchase.

1. Check or by credit card over the phone.

2. PayPal just use the Pay-Pal tabs on the web site for credit card payments or use your account.

You do not have to be a member of Pay-Pal for a PayPal transaction.

My wired systems will interface with the new John Deere 2630 Monitor system and the Trimble. You will need to buy the cables from your dealer. If your dealer does not have these go to

this will bring you to their web site for ordering supplies. They said they would be more then willing supply these for you.

When and why should I buy a wireless system??

It is sometime tempting to simply set up a wireless unit rather than running a wire. As a rule if the distance is within 100 to 150 ft and the two points of observation are connected, it is always best to use a wired system. Wireless is fantastic where it is unpractical to run wires but it will always be a better and clearer video if you can use wires. From tow vehicle to a trailer for example, spend the time to install a cable, the results will be better and you will be happier with the system in the long run.

The 2.4 GHz systems are as close to microwave on the frequency spectrum as the average consumer can get. Masonry and sheet metal will greatly reduce or stop the signal and should be considered when designing a system. An exception to the rule lies in the remote antenna extensions. WITH THE NEW ANTENNA EXTENSIONS THIS IS GREAT FOR TRAILER APPLICATIONS. Transmitters/receivers are both rated with the words "line of sight". This is an industry rating to gauge signal strength. The units DO NOT NEED a clear line of sight to operate. Simply, the strength and optimum distance is the basis for the rating. They will work out to the distances listed with no barriers. There are too many variables to give precise distances passing through different types of construction. The more the signal must penetrate, the less the distance you will achieve.

I have also found out by working with the systems that in the wireless system the lack of 12 volts is causing some people a lot of problems. Anything less then 12 volts will cause a distorted picture. Make sure you have 12 volts!! Some people are using scotch locks to make their connection. These connectors will cause you major problems. Throw them out at the very least do not use them on my system. The longer the run of wires the less voltage. There is line voltage drop. So please check your voltage at the end of the run before the camera. However the camera needs to be hooked up also for this test to be correct. Any questions just e-mail.

The wireless system is the most versatile system. All you need to do is pick up 12 volts DC from any source to power the camera. It can transmit up to 450 feet. It comes with a 7 inch screen. It can be used for calving, corn drying viewing, (making sure belts are not burning up), security or ETC.

Blue tooth interference. If you have blue tooth tech in your vehicle, truck, tractor please read this information on how this will cause problems with the wireless system.

Two way radios will really screw things up with the wireless system so keep this in mind.

How Blue tooth and Wi-Fi Interfere Wi-Fi and Blue tooth both occupy a section of the 2.4 GHz ISM band that is 83 MHz-wide. Blue tooth uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and is allowed to hop between 79 different 1 MHz-wide channels in this band. Wi-Fi uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) instead of FHSS. Its carrier does not hop or change frequency and remains centered on one channel that is 22 MHz-wide. While there is room for 11 overlapping channels in this 83 MHz-wide band, there is only room for three non-overlapping channels. Thus there can be no more than three different Wi-Fi networks operating in close proximity to one another. When a Blue tooth radio and a Wi-Fi radio are operating in the same area, the single 22 MHz-wide Wi-Fi channel occupies the same frequency space as 22 of the 79 Blue tooth channels which are 1 MHz wide. When a Blue tooth transmission occurs on a frequency that lies within the frequency space occupied by a simultaneous Wi-Fi transmission, some level of interference can occur, depending on the strength of each signal.


IF YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO USE THE SYSTEM and need very clear images SUCH AS IN A TRAILER OR PIECE OF EQUIPMENT BUY WIRED. If you want to move the system just move the cables or buy more cables and just move the camera and monitor. The wired system will give you the most stable picture of the two systems. But you are tied to a cord or cords. I do not recommend audio for any of my systems. Audio means a speaker which in turn means an opening to the elements. Which will lead to moisture to the inside of the camera and shorten the life span.

Both systems have their plus and minus points. I sell 8-1 wired systems over wireless. I have not had any of the systems returned because they have not worked for the application they were bought for after contacting me. I hope that has answered some of your questions.

All of my shipping will be done USPS priority mail. Normally 2-3 days delivery time. On occasion I will use UPS. It all depends on the size of the order.

I have shipped all over the world. Shipping cost over seas for one unit runs about $61.00 USA any where in the world.

In most cases I cannot ship wireless systems to Europe. The import laws will not allow wireless units into the countries.

china repair address

The following is our repaired address: ATTN: Su Jianmei / Ellen TEL: 13580347156

ADDRE: YaPu Jie Dong 4 Xiang, ZhuCun ,ZengCheng District, Guangzhou, China 511370

When you send back, please wrote the invoice no over total 100$. You can send them with Post Office is better, but DHL/UPS/TNT is also accepted .

My number 701.652.5697

Text me at this number also.


Jim Antonovich

100 West Moore Road, Lot 66

Pharr, Texas 78577

I was out of North Dakota but I relocated.

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